Friendship becoming Relationship?

Date January 5, 2015

Amongst others, divorce is caused by extra marital affairs in relationships

Hope the few questions below will help you examine if your friendship is rather going too far.

Pls answer honestly and realize its never too late to STOP.

1. Do you confide more about your day to day to your friend more than your spouse?

2. Do you discuss negative feelings or intimate detail about your marriage with your friend?

3. Are you open with your partner about the extent of your involvement with your friend?

4. Would you feel comfortable if your spouse overheard the conversation with your friend?

5. Would you feel comfortable if your spouse saw a videotape of your meetings ?

6. Do you and your friend touch differently when alone ?

7. Are you aware of sexual tensions in this friendship?

8. Are you in love with your friend?

Its of no benefit to gain the whole world but loose your own family  especially due to extra marital affairs !

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